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Laity Leadership


What is Laity Leadership?

To explain Laity Leadership we first have to explain laity. Laity are the people in the church who are not staff or a pastor. They are disciples of Jesus Christ and believers who serve in His name. Our faith has a tradition of being led by laity. 

Laity Leadership is anyone active in the church who seeks to grow and serve and inspire others to advance their own faith walk as well.

A Balanced Faith Walk

What does a balanced faith walk look like?

  • Making time in your life for Worship, Prayer, Bible Study, Fellowship and Service.

  • It's finding ways to worship God which bring you closer in relationship with Him.

  • It could be praying for the worship service on Sunday morning. 

  • It might be serving in an area of your interest like at a shelter or in church hospitality, or teaching Sunday School, just to name a few.

  • It could be you attending a small group Bible study.

Let Us Help You Get Connected

We want to connect you with what you love to do with opportunities to grow and serve at Huron River Methodist.

Get directions on how to update your My Fit from our Church Portal here.

Print and fill out a My Fit Survey here.

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