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40 Days of Lent Family Devotions: Day 3

February 24, 2023

Younger Children and Early Elementary

Day 3

ACTIVITY: Find the darkest place in your house and sit in the complete darkness for a while. Then start turning on flashlights. For older children it might be fun to light candles and see how the light grows as more candles are lit.

Talk about how the darkness feels. How do you feel sitting in the dark? What happens when the light is introduced? How do you feel when the light comes on?

You may want to stay and read by flashlight or move to another place.

(If younger children are too afraid of the dark, just look through toys and name all the animals that God made, ask which ones are their favorite, and why.)

READ: The beginning: a perfect home. The Song of Creation, from Genesis 1-2 p. 18 -27.

ORNAMENT IDEAS: Hang a small world/globe on the tree. If you have a small globe or world shape hang that on the tree, or make one out of clay, print one from the internet, color your own, etc.

This ornament reminds us that God made the world for us because he loves us so very much.

Older Elementary

Day 3

READ: p.17-20, “In the Beginning”

ACTIVITY: Discuss – What part of Creation would you have like to watch? Why? What is your favorite day? Keep a journal with your thought about this part of the Big God story.

ORNAMENT: Make a globe or use a picture of the world. This ornament reminds us of the world God made for use because of his great love for us.

Scripture Reading: Genesis 1 & 2

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