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40 Days of Lent Family Devotions: Day 33

March 31, 2023

Younger Children and Early Elementary

Day 33

ACTIVITY: Have a treasure hunt, inside or outside. Once the treasure is found ask the finder(s) how much they would pay to keep the treasure. Our story today is about a treasure.

READ: Treasure Hunt!: the story of the hidden treasure, from Matthew 13, p. 250-255.

ORNAMENT IDEAS: Treasure box toy or a picture of a treasure.

This ornament reminds us that Jesus is our treasure and we are his treasure.

Older Elementary

Day 33

READ: p.595-597, “A Good Neighbor”.

ACTIVITY: Talk about what you can do to be a good Neighbor. Plan an activity with your family.

ORNAMENT: A donkey. This ornament reminds us to use what we have to help others.

Scripture Reading: Matthew 13

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