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40 Days of Lent Family Devotions: Day 5

February 27, 2023

Younger Children and Early Elementary

Day 5

READ: A new beginning: Noah’s ark, from Genesis 6-9, p.38-47.

ACTIVITY: For the Younger Set – Retell the story by play acting. Collect stuffed animals to use. Convert a box or laundry basket into an ark. Have child(ren) climb in and put animals in the ark. Rock the “boat” and spray/mist water from a spray bottle. Provide an umbrella. Talk about the rain storm. At the end of the storm have the kids climb out and build an alter of thanks from blocks or pillows.

For the older children – Use a prism or crystal to create a rainbow. Discuss how you feel about God’s rainbow promise. Look online for spectacular pictures of rainbows.

ORNAMENT IDEAS: Make a rainbow for the tree. Color one on paper, use clay, or use ribbons tied to a ponytail holder or other circle object. The ribbons can be played with while moving/dancing to music.

This ornament reminds us that God keeps his promises.

Older Elementary

Day 5

READ: p. 24 – 37, “Brother’s Blood Cry”, “Rainy Days”, “A Rainbow Promise”

ACTIVITY: Go online and learn about rainbows. What can we learn about God from this study of rainbows? Write about this in your journal.

ORNAMENT: Make a rainbow. This ornament reminds us that God keeps his promises.

Scripture Reading: Genesis 6 - 9

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