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A Camel, a Magi, and a Star.

December 18

Today we start a story, about a camel, that will take us to Christmas eve...enjoy.

Part 1


I am Theo, camel and carrier for the Magi. My master is a magus, one of the magi, and he is like me. We study the stars: their names, their constellations, where to find them in the sky, and how they move. When stars move, they follow rules, set paths, round and round the sky. They tell the magi about the world: what is and what will be.


For me, the stars are the legacy handed down by my parents, my grandparents, and every other camel. The stars have always directed us when we travel. The stars direct me as I travel the desert. If the stars ever stopped following the rules, if they strayed from their paths, I would not know where to go. I would be lost, and no one wants to be lost in the desert.


Storms erupt from the quiet sand.


Plateaus collapse into gaping canyons.


Rivers slither this way and that, unannounced, across the desert's floor.


The desert is treacherous: no place to call home and nothing like a friend. 


The stars, and their constellations, they are my friends. And they were my master's friends, too, as we journeyed across the desert.


Together, we studied the stars. They told us where to go.


Now, the stars have abandoned me. I move blindly across the sand, neglected by the friends who once guided me. And my master, who studied the stars with me, he has found new friend.

Move the wisemen closer to the nativity.

Pray: Dear God, may we listen to you speak to us today. Amen

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