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December 5th 

Well, there are other important things to bring on a journey.  What do you think the travelers packed?  (talk about this for a minute)  What made your list?  Food, clothes, water, bed roll, money, medical supplies, pillow, reading material, a map anyone?   While I don’t know for sure…but I think they must have brought the Hebrew scriptures, what we call the Old Testament, with them.  It is in the scriptures that the wisemen learned about the star and its importance.  It might sound funny, but the scriptures are like a map.  They showed the wisemen the way and they can show us the way too.

READ Psalm 43:3

Move the Wisemen a little closer to the nativity as they start their journey to the light.

Pray:  Dear God, bless our journey to knowing you more.  May the light of your word guide us.  Amen.


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