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Days of Lent Family Devotions: Day 17

March 17, 2023

Younger Children and Early Elementary

Day 17

READ: The Good Shepherd: David the Shepherd King, from Psalm 51, 2Samuel 7; paraphrase of Psalm 23, p.130-135.

ACTIVITY: Make up a song of Praise to God like David did.

For the very young: use pots and pans etc. to make a joyful noise.

For older children: work on memorizing the 23rd Psalm together.

ORNAMENT IDEAS: Hang a lamb on the tree; stuffed, plastic, clay, colored picture etc.

This ornament reminds us of David the shepherd King and Jesus the good shepherd.

Older Elementary

Day 17

READ: p.352-358, (some Psalms of David), “Solomon’s Wisdom”, & “Solomon’s Seasons”. (If you have time read all the pages in between that have been skipped.

ACTIVITY: Make up a song of praise to God like David or a wise saying like Solomon. Write them in your journal.

ORNAMENT: Hang a card with your favorite Psalm or Wise saying. This ornament reminds us of the wisdom God gives us.

Scripture Reading: Psalm 23 & 51; 2 Samuel 7

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