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Days of Lent Family Devotions: Day 8

March 2, 2022

Younger Children and Early Elementary

Day 8

ACTIVITY: Make a present for God. Given what you have right now, make something to give God. What did you make? Why did you choose that?

READ: The present: The story of Abraham and Isaac, from Genesis 22, p. 62-69.

DISCUSS: We don’t give animal sacrifices anymore, but what can we give God? How can we give ourselves to God?

ORNAMENT IDEAS: a bundle of sticks, a Ram (toy, stuffed animal, picture, or drawing), the present you made for God in the activity, a small wrapped gift box.

This ornament reminds us that God wants to rescue us.

Older Elementary

Day 8

READ: p.60-78, “A Father’s Sacrifice”, “A Wife for Isaac”, “Birthright Stew”, “The Stolen Blessing”, & “Stairway to Heaven”.

ACTIVITY: What is your favorite part of these stories? What parts is your least favorite? Why? What can you learn about God in these stories? How does God rescue people in these stories? Write your ideas in your journal.

ORNAMENT: A bundle of sticks or ram. This ornament reminds us that God wants to rescue us.

Scripture Reading: Genesis 22

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