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Don't Lose Sight!

December 10th

When we ride a bike at night, or take a walk at night…why do we carry a light or put one on ourselves or the bike?  We want to see, and we want to be seen.  The light helps others see us so they don’t run into us, right?  Sometimes we like to wear light up shoes…and sometimes our parents like us to wear them…Why?  So, we don’t lose sight of one another.  Light makes it easy for us to see and to be seen.


READ the scripture for today… Psalm 104:1 & 2.

Wow, this verse says that God wears light like clothes!  I guess God really wants to be seen.  Many people missed the great light the Wisemen were following, but God lights himself up so we can see him.  We just need to look and watch like the Wisemen did. 

Talk about how you all can watch for the Light of God this Advent. Move the wisemen closer to the Nativity.

PRAY: Dear God, please us watch for you and see the light of your glory.  AMEN

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