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Get Ready

December 17

Day 21

Listen to: “The Angels Sing” by Sunlight Kids

While this is a children’s song, the tune can really get stuck in your head, and the words are full of meaning. “I hear the angels sing, Halleluiah, let earth receive her king.” The angels seem to have many roles in their coming to announce the birth of Jesus. Here, in this song, angels make way for the King, for people to get ready for royalty. While many were not ready, the shepherds were. They were ready to hear the good news, to find the child and worship.

But, they were also ready to spread the word. Many times we miss this part of the Christmas story found in Luke 2:16 and following. Once the shepherds left the stable, they ran around Bethlehem sharing the good news about the birth of a King. They took on the role of messengers – shepherds became angels in a sense. That is our role today. We have heard the good news and we too must help people get ready to receive the King of the universe. Think about the message you can share.

Activity for Kids:

Read the story of the shepherds telling people in Bethlehem about the birth of Jesus in Luke 2:16-20. Talk about who they could invite to Christmas Eve service.

Move the angels to the next note.

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