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Light from a Book?

December 8th

So many fun things happen during the day and there are times we never want it to get dark.  Times when we want to be outside playing, or are in the middle of something fun, the sun setting can get in our way and we wish it would be light longer. Or maybe the darkness means bedtime is around the corner and we just aren’t ready.   But, sometimes we do want it to get dark quick because we have a fun night game, like laser or flashlight tag planned, and it seems like the daylight will never end.  I imagine that the Wisemen got excited for the sun to set, I bet they watched and looked with anticipation for the first sign of the star.  Do you think they were packed and ready to move as soon as it appeared?  Following a light feels like a purpose worthy of pursuing/spending our time doing.

Do you ever wish you could follow a light like Israel or the Wisemen to know where you are supposed to go?  To know for certain you are following the way to God?  Did you know you can?  Read our scripture for today.

READ Psalm 119:105

The Bible, God’s word, is our light!  We can follow the light, just like the Wisemen.  But…we don’t have to wait for it to get dark, this light shines and can been seen anytime of the day or night!

PRAY: Dear God, this Advent let us read your word the light, every day.  Amen.

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