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Take Courage!

December 11th

We have talked about how the night and darkness can be scary and how God is light in darkness.  But there are other things that can make us afraid of the night.  The wisemen traveled in the dark so they could see the star…but most people travel in the day so they can see the road and those around them.  People who choose to travel at night, in the dark, might not want to be seen.  They might want to steal from unsuspecting travelers.  Or maybe they are trying to hide because of bad things they have done.  Either way, traveling in the dark might mean that others you meet might not have your best in mind. 

I wonder if the Wisemen kept their eyes open for those who might be lurking in the dark and up to no good.  Sometimes there are people in our lives that are up to no good around us.  Here is a wonderful Psalm that could give the wisemen courage and us too.

READ Psalm 27:1-5 & 13,14


Advent can feel like a long wait till we get to Christmas, and I bet the trip felt long at times for the wisemen.  Hold onto the words of verses 13 & 14…we will see the goodness of the Lord at Christmas and till then be strong, take courage and wait for the Lord.

Move the wisemen closer to manger.

PRAY:  Dear God, help us to take courage and wait for you this Advent.  AMEN

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