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Very scary?

December 9th


All this talk about darkness and traveling at night, reminds me that the dark can also be a scary place and VERY scary sometimes.  I wonder if the Wise Men were scared of the dark?  Ok, if they weren’t scared of the dark because they were so Wise…I wonder if there were scary things they encountered in the night darkness?  What do you think might scare them?  (wild animals, wild people, snakes, etc.)  Are you scared of the dark?  What things might scare you in the dark? 

I wonder how the Wise Men dealt with night scariness?  How do you?  There is a wonderful passage in Psalms that I wonder if they read as they traveled…it would be good for them and us.

Let’s read it in Psalm 139:11 & 12 

In this verse David reminds himself, and all the people who sing this song, that God is light, and even if it is dark, with God there is light!!  I bet the Wise Men traveled in the dark…knowing that the light of God went with them.  This scripture is good to memorize…especially to say it out loud when you are scared in the dark.

Move the Wise Men closer to the nativity.

PRAY:  Dear God, we are so glad you give us light, especially when we are scared.  Amen

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