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Weary Traveler?

December 15th

 We have been traveling for awhile now with the wisemen.  Are you feeling weary?  Are you ready for Christmas to get here?  We still have 10 more days.  I wonder if the wisemen started getting weary?  How do you feel after traveling for awhile in the car, or on a long plane trip? 

When we travel we know where we are going and how long it will take.  The wisemen didn’t exactly know where the star would take them, so they didn’t know when they would arrive.  I wonder if traveling in the light of the star was enough to keep them from growing tired during the trip.  What do you think?

READ Psalm 36:9

This Psalm reminds us that the light of God is where our life comes from.  When we are weary and tired we can remember this verse…God’s light gives us life.

Move the wisemen closer to the nativity.


PRAY:   Dear God, thank you for your light that gives us life.  May your light give us courage to wait and travel on toward Christmas.  Amen

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