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Angel Tree

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What is Angel Tree?

Angel Tree is a program of Prison Fellowship, and connects parents in prison with their children through the delivery of Christmas gifts. 

Organizations and churches get Angel Tree tags, with gift ideas for children in need. The tags are placed on a decorated tree during the holiday season, where people take the tags and purchase gifts for the child. The gifts are then wrapped and brought back to the church and then delivered to the children.

Why Huron River Methodist Helps Angel Tree

Angel Tree is a way Huron River Methodist members are able to give something special to a child who might otherwise not received such a gift. It helps families because the gifts are given to their children as gifts from their parent or parents who are unable to be with their children much due to incarceration. It provides a fellowship opportunity within the church as people volunteer to work on this program.

What you need to know

Normally, Huron River Methodist starts its Angel Tree program right after Thanksgiving and gifts are purchased for individual children. 

This year due to Covid-19 we are taking up a collection and using the funds to purchase gifts and clothing through Amazon. Contributions can be made by check to Huron River Methodist. (Please note Angel Tree in the memo.) 

For more information about the Huron River Methodist Angel Tree program, contact Tom here.

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