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Belize: Omega Ministries

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What is Belize: Omega Ministries?

Approximately three missions teams per year travel to Belize to assist a small church near the western boarder called Omega Ministries.

Under the leadership of Pastors Miguel and Eugenia Salazar and family the Omega Church serves the small impoverished area of San Ignacio with solid Christian teaching in conjunction with Christian community, fellowship, charity, and economic empowerment.

The church has only 40-60 members but impacts over 200 children and youth in the community.

Why we travel to Omega Ministries

Huron River Methodist's desire is to continue to build relationships with the Omega Church, empowering them to spread the gospel and to assist with the improvement of living conditions. 

Mission teams encounter a spiritually powerful experience as they join together in ministry with the Omega Church, becoming the hands and feet of Christ, serving together and learning from one another. 

There is always plenty of work to be completed. The church has very active Children, Youth and Worship ministries with the goal of encouraging Christian disciples and leaders. It has instituted many self-sustainable programs including providing and teaching people how to raise chickens for eggs and meat, planting backyard gardens, offering feeding programs and teaching people how to sew. It also supports entrepreneurs with micro-loans to better provide for their families.

What you need to know

Belize mission trips are open to the entire Huron River Methodist congregation. 

During the most recent trip, teams helped with minor construction, gardening, chicken coops, youth ministries and other needs of the community.

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