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Cass Community Shelter

What is Cass Community Shelter?

Cass Community Social Services is a Detroit-based agency dedicated to providing food, housing, health services, and job programs to people in the city.


Everything it offers works toward fighting poverty and creating opportunity for area residents. Cass Community Social Services was established as a nonprofit organization in 2002. Prior to that, many of its programs started as a part of Cass Community United Methodist Church. Hope, caring and Christian hospitality are shared with those in need.

Why we help Cass Community Social Services

Huron River Methodist Church has chosen to assist with CCSS’s food program which provides more than 1 million meals a year. Two or three times a year, volunteers prepare food for 100-200 people in the Huron River Methodist kitchen. Then Huron River Methodist members deliver and serve the food to people at the Cass Community Social Services Center in Detroit. In the past, Huron River Methodist members have also helped with some work projects coordinated by CCSS.

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