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Feed My Starving

What is Feed My Starving Children?

Feed My Starving Children is a Christian non-profit that provides nutritionally complete meals for starving, malnourished and hungry people.


Huron River Methodist has hosted a meal-packing event five times since 2014. The prepackaged dry meals—costing 29 cents each to make—are funded and assembled by donor-volunteers in the United States. FMSC’s in-country partners use the food to prevent starvation and curb malnourishment in children and families worldwide. FMSC food has reached more than 70 countries.

Why we help Feed My Starving Children

Hosting a FMSC MobilePack Event is a huge undertaking requiring at least 500 volunteers, including children, youth and adults from Huron River Methodist and other area churches. But it’s worth it.


During the four events hosted at Huron River Methodist, nearly 490,000 MannaPacks Rice (FMSC’s original food formula consists of vitamin packed flavoring, dried vegetables, soy protein and rice) have been assembled, packaged and boxed up ready for shipping all over the world. Those who receive them only have to add water or milk to cook a nutritious meal.


Feed My Starving Children seeks to reach everyone, until ALL are fed. With God’s help, it plans to work together with organizations and ministries across the globe to end hunger.

What you need to know

Volunteers must be older than age 5, and student groups are required to have adult volunteers working with the students. Jewelry, including earrings, is not allowed and everyone wears hairnets.

To volunteer, click the button below and follow these steps: 

  1. Scroll to the bottom where it says: 2404-011SC - Huron River Methodist Church Mobile Pack

  2. Click on the box "Enter Private Registration Code"

  3. Enter Code: Dexter

  4. Select a shift.

  5. Login or create an account. Please remember your password. 

  6. Continue to follow the prompts: 

    1. Under New or Previous group select "New Group"​

    2. Under Group Type select "Church" 

    3. Under Group Name type your first & last name.

    4. Type in # of spots needed for your group.

    5. Finish remainder of the form and click "Continue"

  7. Click "Manage Your Reservation" and fill in names of ALL those participating in your group.

If you are registering a group, please remember that the members of your group will not receive reminders from FMSC. You will need to remind your own group.

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