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What is Generosity?

This initiative promotes and accelerates our generosity to Huron River Methodist. We have been blessed with resources from God to serve and reach the world for Jesus.

Active and deliberate management of the generosity of our congregation is vital to funding existing ministries as well as exciting ones of the future.

Planned Activities

Generosity comes alongside Stewardship to enhance and support their efforts while exploring new ideas, strategies, methodologies, and messaging to increase the ministry resources available.

  • Increase our Church family's understanding and appreciation of how their gifts are multiplied, and the impact they have locally and around the world.

  • Encourage and foster a deeper level of commitment, helping to continue the generous support shown so far this year while setting realistic, obtainable growth targets.

  • Share with the congregation the result of research on giving strategies, especially those with tax benefits and those not widely utilized today at Huron River Methodist.

  • Engage the congregation to share an Estimate of Giving to allow better ministry planning and budgeting.

Operating & Restricted Funds as of June 30, 2021

operating and restricted funds as of june 2021.png
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