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What is GradCru?

GradCru has a threefold strategy of winning, building, and sending.  


“Winning” includes introducing students to Jesus through natural friendship, investigative Bible study and cultural experiences that broaden their understanding of Christianity.


“Building” involves helping students grow in Christ and teaching them how to talk with others about their faith in Christ through small group Bible study and mentoring relationships.


“Sending” means helping students return to their homelands equipped to be ambassadors for Christ.

Why Huron River Methodist Helps GradCru

Huron River Methodist supports GradCru financially, spiritually with prayer, and through volunteer participation. The international students have significant emotional and spiritual needs—they face isolation within the rigors of graduate school, difficult cultural adjustments in a new country, and pressure from family to succeed. Yet, these students are also the future leaders of the world. Many will become involved at high levels of business, politics, and education. If they come to Christ now during graduate school, imagine the difference they could make in their homeland and on the world at large.

What you need to know

The mission is in highest gear during the academic calendar, September through early April. In April, we begin to ramp up summer programming, with a series of community-building events as well as a co-ed Bible study. Given that CRU is a non-profit Christian organization, part-time and full-time staff rely on the generous giving of individual ministry partners and church mission boards to supply monthly salaries. Volunteers may participate without having official employee status.

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