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Image by Fahrul Azmi

I Love Muslims

What is I Love Muslims?

This is a ministry started in 2006 by Pastor Mark and his wife Mary Jane after they heard and responded to God’s call for them to work in full-time Muslim evangelism.


Their first focus area is on evangelizing – reaching out to Muslims for the sake of Jesus.


 The second focus area is equipping – reaching out to Christians/churches for the sake of Muslims. They have designed a weekend seminar that they take to churches, “Bridging the Gap” Muslim outreach seminar. 

Why we help I Love Muslims

Muslims are coming to America. They come as immigrants to find a better life. They come as international students to our college campuses for a better education. And they come as refugees attempting to escape life threatening danger from extremists.


The question is, how are we going to respond to this great influx of Muslims into America?  Will we be like Jonah? Will we run. . .hide. . .and hate. . .as he did. Or will we be like Jesus? Will we be like the One who came to seek and to save that which is lost?

They believe we have to be ready for the multitudes of Muslims who are coming to our homeland. We need to be informed.  The “Bridging the Gap” seminar helps with that.


I Love Muslims also provides a list of helpful, practical resources regarding outreach to Muslims: books, websites, articles, and contacts with other U.S. Muslim ministries. The organization also coaches and mentors Christians in U.S. Muslim outreach right. Huron River Methodist supports this organization financially.

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