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Next Step Rec

Are you passionate about a sport, fitness, and faith? We are always looking for new coaches and leaders to teach and interact with our community through sports!

Upward - Game Day Host

Game Day hosts will attend the scheduled games for Upward basketball and help check students in, socialize with the parents, and be there to represent God's love. The host will be comfortable talking to strangers and taking advantage of opportunities to share the love of God. They will be a connection point for families interested in getting involved or getting to know more about next steps in their faith. 


There is down time during the games! Ideally you can plant yourself in the bleachers and strike up a conversation with some parents. It's likely that hosts will be serving [free] coffee from behind the table as well. 

Upward - Half Time Talk

Each halftime we have a unique opportunity to get the crowd's attention and speak a little truth and encouragement into their lives. For 3-4 minutes you will direct and audience participation activity to entertain and get everyone's attention; then for another 3-4 minutes you'll speak on a virtue, verse, or present a personal testimony and then end with prayer. 


We have activities and talks all prepared and can provide them to you, or you can present your own. This is what Upward Basketball is all about - taking advantage of the many touchpoints to demonstrate and speak to God's love.

Upward - Referees

Referees can sign up for any or all Saturdays! Ages 15+ 

But we do request you arrive 15 minutes early. 

Upward - Set Up

Game day set up includes setting up all the spectator chairs around the perimeter of the gym, lowering the basketball hoops, moving the banner, setting up the shot clocks and table. With a couple people, it usually takes about 15-20 minutes. We can show you how to do everything :)

Upward - Shot Clock

The shot clock is a matter of buttons and watching the game (mostly). This is a great job for an older sibling; ideally for ages 10+


They will run the clock during the periods and pause for half time, as well as ensuring there is only 1 minute between each period. 

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