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Our Pastors

Pastor Matt.jpg
Dr. Matt Hook
Senior Pastor

I am the Senior Pastor at Huron River Methodist. This involves preaching and mutual discipleship with others, which is doing life together and providing as many ministry opportunities for as many people as possible. I love God and I love people, and in this role I get to do both! And, I get to come alongside people as God is transforming their lives (and mine!). I love the people, by far. Yes, we have an amazing campus that points us to God through His creation, but the people and what they do for others and how much they care about one another and people in need who have yet to know about Christ is the best thing. 


Fun Fact: When I was 7, I spilled my ginger ale on Mrs. Babe Ruth. When I was 24, I performed and sang with a 90-piece orchestra in front of an audience of 10,000 with Brooke Shields as the emcee. And at age 55 I can still do a backflip.

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Pastor Tom.jpg
Rev. Tom Snyder
Pastor of Missions & Evangelism

These ministries touch people's lives and change hearts, and one of my greatest joys is to see people come alive in their love and excitement for being a disciple of Jesus Christ. Seeing lives changed and hearts transformed to love, serve, and bring glory to God in their worship of Jesus Christ and service to the world. I am blessed and pleased that Huron River Methodist places their focus on helping everyone take their next step in learning to love God, love people and serve the world for Jesus Christ.

Fun Fact: I was known as a picky eater especially in my youth. Through various missions trips and game dinners I have eaten moose, elk, raccoon, crocodile, water buffalo, antelope, muskrat, pheasant, bear, conch, whale fish, goat, and barbecued beaver.

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Pastor Tim.jpg
Tim Broyles
Pastor of Small Group Discipleship

I see my role as “anything to help adults take the next step in their spiritual journey." This may start with getting a warm welcome in their first visit to church, to participating in Sunday classes or home groups, in-depth Bible studies, or to using their gifts to serve in the church. I love the sincerity and eagerness of Huron River Methodist folks to grow in their journey of faith. Nothing excites me more in ministry than seeing people grow in their understanding of God’s grace and work in their lives. As an outdoor enthusiast, when not serving the church, my wife and I enjoy hiking one of the many local trails or kayaking a local lake.

Fun Fact: Whenever I travel, I like to get in the water. This may mean swimming, kayaking or even wading in while wearing a winter coat.

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Denise Kasischke
Pastor of Family Ministry

I oversee faith formation of children birth - 5th grade which includes programming for children birth - 5th grade and support and education for parents and families of this same age group. I also work with long range planning as part of the Ministry Lead team of Pastors. I love the variety of opportunities to work with people of all ages in multiple settings. There is never a dull moment growing faith in Jesus! I also love the people who attend and their stories.


Fun Fact: I climbed Mt. Whitney (highest peak in the contiguous US 14,505ft.) in one day.

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Jeremy Hannich
Executive Pastor

God is good and has allowed me to work at Huron River Methodist since the fall of 2007 and it has been quite the trip.  As Executive Pastor, I help lead our staff, work on long-term planning, and take on new projects as they come.  We have amazing staff and volunteers at our church and I feel blessed to get to do life with all of them.  My side gig, Nerf Club, allows me to relive the best of my middle school years.  I live in Dexter along with my beautiful wife Sarah, and our four boys: Timmy, Nate, Seth, and Josiah.

Fun Fact: I have lived in Canada, Germany, Turkey, and in the USA.

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Rev. Steve Bringardner
Pastor Emeritus

Emeritus means I am retired, but permitted to retain my title (Pastor) as an honor. The honor is all mine as I continue to serve this church in the area of pastoral care. The people have always been my favorite part of this vibrant, caring church so I am thrilled to be able to continue our relationships.


Fun Fact: I walk the surrounding wooded trails every Sunday afternoon. I mean EVERY Sunday. Join me if you would like the company...dogs welcome! 

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Children & Family Staff

Erin Cebulski
Elementary Director & Family Ministry Administrative Assistant

I get to meet and connect all the children and families from Kindergarten to 5th Grade. God has called me to learn people's stories, walk alongside their journeys and connect them with programs, and people - and I love it! Sundays I can be found greeting at children's check-in. During the week I am in the office, planning programs, and have even built a brick wall out of pizza boxes (VBS). 

Fun Fact: I play the French Horn, love to sing, and am an artist at heart.

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Kristin Romelhardt
Director & Lead Teacher of Stepping Stones Play & Learn

My passion is early childhood education. In the stepping Stones Play & Learn program, I introduce young children to their first steps in their faith journey through play-based learning activities. There is energy and optimism at Huron River Methodist that spreads through all of our programs so that our mission - love God, love people, and serve the world for Jesus Christ - relates to even the very youngest who enter our doors! When I am not with the kiddos in the summer, I hook up to my travel trailer aka The Owl’s Nest and camp in favorite spots around Michigan. 


Fun Fact: I attended a one room schoolhouse with about 20 kids in grades K-6.

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Youth Staff

Joy Hook
Director of Youth Ministry

The youth are an amazing group of students, and the next generation of the church! I love seeing them as they develop their walk with God, as well as encouraging each other in that. I love working with students, and felt called out of college to work at the church. Although I wasn’t expecting to come back to Huron River Methodist, God has brought me here and I could not imagine being anywhere else. This is the church I grew up in, and I am so blessed to be able to come and serve here alongside people who showed me what a follower of Christ looks like. 


Fun Fact: I can speak 3 languages and I’m working on a fourth!

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Matthew Cook
Associate Director of Youth Ministry

I am very excited to be joining the youth team here at Huron River MC where I will mostly be working with the 5th-8th Graders! I graduated from Michigan State University with a degree in Mathematics, planning to become a middle or high school math teacher. Graduating college during the pandemic put those plans on pause and ultimately led me to pursue a path towards a full-time ministry career. 


Fun Fact: I have an identical twin brother.

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Worship Staff

Glenn Bugala
Worship Director

I get to lead the contemporary worship band, where I sing, play guitar, and play synthesizer. In this position I bring on new talent, schedule message-pertinent music, and mentor our awesome volunteers in Spirit-led worship. I’m excited to be working with such a diverse, talented, friendly, God-focused group of individuals that are at this church. Huron River Methodist is a place where new people are welcomed, disciples are led, and the community is supported.


Fun Fact: In another life, I was a professional actor in Chicago, where I acted in a small ensemble production of “12 Angry Men” with Jon Favreau. 

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Andy Galicki
Worship Technology

I oversee the audio, video, and lighting aspects of worship, and occasionally provides drone/camera footage for various projects around campus. My favorite thing about Huron River Methodist is that everyone wants to support and be involved with just about everything. In my "spare" time, you can find me working on other productions, mentoring FIRST Robotics teams, spending time at the bowling alley or the disc golf course, or one of my many other hobbies!

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Brian Rose
Worship Leader - Traditional Service

I’m the worship leader for the 8:20 service. I work with Pastor Matt to select music and plan service to lead us into worship. I was a church pianist at age 10 playing the great hymns each week. It’s exciting to be back and bringing new life to the songs of the church. I appreciate how friendly, welcoming and supportive the church is. There is a real heart for people here. 


Fun Fact: I have had several near death experiences including being hit by lightening. If I was a cat I’d have 4 more to go. 

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Support Staff

Cathy Hunter
Communications Director

I make sure that information about our ministries, programming, studies, activities and events is available to out congregation and community. There are so many opportunities for people to get connected that there is always something fun to promote, and with all the changes in technology and how to reach people it keeps me on my toes. I love being part of a staff that truly cares for one another and what we are here to do.

Fun Fact: I live on Neverdull Farm where every animal has a story. I have raised beef cattle, turkeys, goats, donkeys, chickens, cats, dogs, and a 650 lb pig named Miss Beatrice.

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Bethany Kenyon
IT Director & Digital Media

Our world keeps getting more technologically dependent and I am excited for the opportunity it gives us to reach the world and show the love of Christ to people in new and exciting ways. I never would have thought it was possible to reach people for Christ using social media but here I am doing exactly that and it couldn't be more rewarding. I also love working with the amazingly creative, and supportive staff here at Huron River Methodist. 

Fun Fact: I have kayaked the pictured rocks national lakeshore.

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Cathy L.jpg
Cathy Leadley
Office Administrator

I offer support to the pastoral team in the main office and lead the Prayer Ministry and Pastoral Care Team. I also maintain church attendance, answer phones, greet friends and visitors, and assist with funerals and other pastoral needs. What excites me most is working with a phenomenal staff that encourages and uplifts me on a daily basis. I also love people and the chance to greet those who come into the office. My favorite thing about Huron River Methodist is the staff and how well we all work together to complement and encourage each other in our day-to-day mission.


Fun Fact: I grew up in a small town with a family of veterinarians and have many fond memories of making farm calls with my dad or helping him with a C-section on a dog and rubbing the newborn puppies until they started to breathe.

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Dave Meyer
Maintenance Supervisor

I get to play outside with all the toys in the garage to help keep the grounds looking nice for all of us to enjoy. I help the staff problem solve inside with space, repairs, and maintainance of the facilities as well. I love being around the staff here 

as they are positive and supportive leaders for our congregation and the path to Jesus. I am most inspired by Pastor Matt’s leadership to keep us focused on sharing the message of hope that our faith in Jesus offers to anyone who will invest the time and energy to pursue it. I enjoy meeting the kids and seeing their smiling faces as they learn about our loving savior, Jesus Christ.

Fun Fact: I am in fact, fun. Just ask! I will challenge anyone to a dance-off anytime!

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Sara M.jpg
Sara Mitchell
Admin Assistant to Jeremy & Pastor Tim  |  Accounts Payable

As Jeremy and Pastor Tim's Administrative Assistant I do a lot of the behind the scenes things to get groups, trips, classes and events up and running. With Accounts Payable, as bills come in I put them into our system so Norma can get them paid. The staff here at Huron River are some of the most wonderful that I have ever worked with and make coming to work each day a joy.

Fun Fact: I can cook, bake, or build just about anything.

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Beth Snyder
Office Manager

As the office manager I keep records, greet people, answer the phone, work with communications, the pastors and other administrative assistants in the church. I enjoy working with staff and with congregation to help build God’s kingdom here at Huron River Methodist. My favorite thing about Huron River Methodist is the unified spirit of the staff and lay leadership that makes working toward similar goals so rewarding. 

Fun Fact: I spent a month in Rwanda, Africa on a mission station while my husband helped add a second floor to the mission hospital run by his uncle and cousin.

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Volunteer Staff

Norma Heller

I am the treasurer at Huron River Methodist. I oversee the expense operations of the church and coordinate and perform the monthly, quarterly, and annual reporting of the finances of the church to the Stewardship Committee, Administrative Council and other entities outside the church as required. Having retired from an accounting position in the corporate world, I am able to use my experience to help in furthering the mission of the church. Plus I love working with numbers and spreadsheets. Huron River Methodist is a special place, whenever I am here, I feel that I have come home. Or in the words of my 4 year old grandson, “Grandma, I love this place”.

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Teena Gordon
Financial Secretary

I am the financial secretary at Huron River Methodist. 

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Dan Hubert
Staff Parish Relations Committee Chair

I am involved in many ways here at Huron River Methodist, from being a D group leader at the EDGE, Golf league coordinator, vocalist in the praise band, Generosity Initiative co-lead, to being Co-chair of SPRC, where I support and coordinate the Huron River Methodist staff to optimize God's ministries here. In each role, I get to share my excitement for the gospel and to live out my gratitude for all that God has done for me. God is clearly up to something around here, and the movement of the Spirit is contagious! This is such a vibrant and diverse church family where folks are genuinely seeking Christ and willing to see where He leads them, which I find absolutely invigorating. 

Fun Fact: I have a History Degree with minors in Russian and Philosophy (how's that for a useless combo?) and I play competitive pickle ball 4 times a week!

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