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A Light Lost...

December 2nd

Throughout the history of the world, people looked to the night sky and looked at stars. Perhaps they did this because the darkness of the night felt less scary when they looked at the light shining in the dark. I think they also did this because they longed for and looked for the first light of creation…the light of God. The True Morning Star that was diminished and lost to humans after the fall. It wasn’t so much that the light was totally gone, but eyes that look mostly at themselves miss the True Morning Star, and sometimes forget to look for it altogether.

But some star watchers (called astrologers) not only looked at the stars for the comfort of their light, but also to keep watch for the Star to rise, the one from creation. It was the Wisemen who knew the stars well and also kept watch…They knew and remembered the words of an Oracle Baalam found in Numbers 24:17a. READ this verse.

Place the Wisemen the farthest away from your nativity set as possible inside your house.

Pray: Dear God, help us to keep watch for the True Morning Star.

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