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A New Star

December 19

Part 2


The stars are now silent and hard to see. Though I still carry my master, he no longer asks what I know. My master and the others, they watch and study this new friend.


The star appeared one night not long ago. My master gathered the others. They watched and stared and pointed. They scoured their books. They talked among themselves. I saw the star, too, but no one asked me anything. No one talked with me.


I would have told them to leave the star alone. A real star, a true star, hangs in position with its other starry companions. No one outshines the others. Together the stars make constellations, and they move in one path, in one circle around the sky. Only Polaris, the North Star, stays in one place.


The new star is false, rogue, a rebel, an outlaw.


The new star outshines the others, and goes wherever it wants. The new star chooses its own path, and like the earth, the new star pulls with its own gravity. It does not direct or guide; the new star wants to lead.


My master, and the others, they followed the star into the Arabian Desert.

Move the wisemen closer to the Nativity.

Pray: Dear God, teach us your ways today. Amen.

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