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Advent begins...

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

Preparation: You will need three Wisemen. A star. You can add camels too. Set up a nativity scene.

December 1st

From the beginning there was light…in fact, without light there would be no start. And so, this Advent we must start with light. We start with the light that all light comes from. Not a candle or lamp, or a star, but with THE TRUE MORNING STAR… the light of the world, the one who makes all light possible.

In Genesis 1:1-5 the light shines for the first time on our world. READ these verses from your Bible.

It was not long after the creation of this wonderful light that the world starting falling apart. Humans thought that they could control light better than THE LIGHT, and since that time darkness became scary and hope easy to lose. Darkness seemed stronger than the light, and people longed for more light…if they could find it.

This Advent we will search for the light and the return of the true Morning Star. But we do not search alone. We will journey together with the Wisemen. Wise Men…those sound like good traveling companions!

On this first day of Advent, collect the Wisemen from your Nativity set, or make some and set them out where everyone can see them. Find or make a star. Set up your Nativity.

Pray: Dear God, help us to look for you, the light of the world this Advent season. Amen

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