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Don't let the Clouds get in your Way

December 13th

I wonder if the wisemen ever had a dark cloudy night, so cloudy that they could not see the light in the night sky?  If so, I wonder if they traveled on in the direction they were going, or if they waited till they saw it again?  There are times when it is so dark that it is hard to see the light, but if we keep watching and looking, it will appear.  It can happen that we might get scared or worried when we can’t see the light.  But remember we can ask God to show it to us, and keep watching for God’s light in the Bible.

We are not the only ones who know the importance of light and asking God for it.  Read our Psalm for today.

READ Psalm 13:3, 5 & 6.

Move the wisemen closer to the Nativity.

PRAY:  Bring your light to our eyes everyday this Advent or Lord our God.  AMEN

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