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Follow the Light

December 16th

While the wisemen were not Jews and followers of their religion, they knew about the prophecy of the star rising.  I wonder if they also knew the story of how the Hebrew people, who were now called Jews, left slavery in Egypt to find the land where they now lived, the place where the wisemen now traveled toward?  It is interesting that God also lead the people from Egypt to their new land by moving as a cloud by day in front of the people and light (in the form of fire) by night. 

Moving in the direction toward where God wants us to be involves following the light.  We have been following the light every day this Advent.  Talk about how you can keep following the light after Advent is over.

READ Psalm 105:39

Move the wisemen closer to the nativity.

PRAY…have everyone thank God for the light God provides.

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