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Heart Light

December 14th

Sometimes the darkness surrounds us because there is no light on in the room or the house, or because the sun set and there are no lights around you in the outside.  But, sometimes the darkness can be in our hearts and minds.  We can’t see because of sadness, anger, fear, and many other things.  The wisemen were very wise, I wonder if they understood that the light they followed didn’t just light up the darkness when the sun went down or the lights were out, but that the light they followed also brings light to our hearts and minds when strong emotions keep us from seeing the good and light? 

What do you think they knew?  Could it be the reason they traveled so far was because they wanted light that would shine in their hearts always?

READ Psalm 18:28

Move the wisemen closer to the Nativity.

PRAY:  Dear God, may your light shine in our hearts always.  Amen

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