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Preparing for a trip

December 3rd

One day it happened…or should I say one Night.  A star rose in the night sky that was not there the night before.  At least that is what it seemed.  I wonder if the first wiseman checked again to make sure he was not seeing things, then asked another if they could see the new light?  He was not seeing things.  Others also saw the new light, the new star rising.  While the Hebrew scriptures were not from their heritage, they were wise and knew about many things.  This new star reminded them of a passage from the Hebrew scriptures, the one the Jewish settlers in their land read. 

It is found in Isaiah 9:2 and speaks of a coming Messiah.  Read it now.

From the fall, and the beginning of sin, people had lived in a deep darkness.  Many times in history, the memory of God was almost lost except for a few who kept the memory alive, told the stories and wrote them down.  Now a new light appeared, what could it be?  The wisemen had to know.  They started to prepare for a journey to travel toward the light.

What should they take?  How far would the have to go?  What would they find? 

Take your wisemen and move them forward ever so slightly as they prepare for their journey toward the light. 

Pray: Dear God, this Advent, prepare our hearts for this journey to see you, the light of the world.

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