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Red Bird Mission


What is Red Bird Mission?

For more than 20 years, mission teams from Huron River Methodist have been traveling to Red Bird Mission in southeastern Kentucky to help improve the living conditions for the residents in this part of Appalachia.


Each spring, a team of Huron River Methodist volunteers spends a week at Red Bird – a missionary conference of the United Methodist Church – to help with home repairs, to make improvements on the Red Bird campus and to share the love of God with residents in one of the poorest areas of the United States. 

Why we help Red Bird Mission

We like going to Red Bird Mission because we’re able to help make area residents’ home safer, accessible and more comfortable. We also make improvements to mission facilities like health and dental clinics. We are able to share the love of God with the people in this region and worship with teams from other U.S. Methodist churches.


Huron River Methodist is pleased to support an important United Methodist Church missionary effort and to give its members the opportunity to experience the power of mission work close to home at minimal cost.

What you need to know

The next Huron River Methodist trip to Red Bird is scheduled for 2024. People of all ages and abilities are encouraged to participate. The total cost for a work camp week, including project fees and room and board is $425. Typically we ask individuals to pay $225 for the week, with generous support from the Huron River Methodist Men and Women groups paying the other half of the fee. There also are some minimal costs for meals during the travel days to and from Red Bird Mission.

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