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Red Cross Blood Drives

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What is a Red Cross Blood Drive?

The Red Cross hosts blood drives in local communities in order to collect 3 life saving products: red cells, plasma, and platelets. These are used for patients having major surgery, including organ transplants, and other medical issues. 

Currently, the Red Cross is experiencing the worst blood shortage in over a decade. 

Why we host blood drives

Huron River Methodist began holding blood drives in March of 2020 as the Covid pandemic began closing many companies and locations that had previously been the major focus for the American Red Cross blood drives. As we recognized that our NewKirk Commons provided the perfect facility and location for blood drives in our community we reached out to the American Red Cross and offered our facility for this function. Since that time Huron River Methodist has hosted 45 drives that have resulted in over 1,850 unites being drawn. Each unit provides at least 3 life-saving products, so we have helped provide one 5,550 life-saving products during this time. These products include red cells, plasma, and platelets. Because of our commitment to our community, the American Red Cross has recognized us with their Outstanding Service Award.

Many of our church family come to donate at each drive, but it is definitely a community event. The space we provide to the Red Cross, close parking for the donors and of course the smiling welcome of our volunteer staff. If  you can't donate, you can always join us as a volunteer.

What you need to know

During this time we have offered over 1,080 volunteer hours from our church family over 100 individual volunteers. Our volunteers welcome the opportunity to visit with other church family who come to volunteer and donate, and with those in the community who enjoy coming to our facility as well. 

We always welcome new people to come volunteer for our blood drives. There is a little training needed to fulfill the volunteer functions, 1.) easy computer registration, 2.) printing name tags and directing donors to the next station, 3.) serving snacks after donation. Many of our volunteers say its fun, great to post with others and fulfilling knowing they are doing something so vital for our community health. The blood drives are posted in our events page. Only 2 hours of your time is requested. Come and join us!

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