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What is Stewardship?

Our congregation’s generosity funds all of our Huron River Methodist ministries, missions, special events and outreach activities, staff salaries, and care of our buildings and grounds. Stewardship and the Finance Cell oversee the management of these funds each month. 


We will post a monthly view of how we are progressing towards meeting our financial plan and note any special considerations that may be helpful towards that goal.  If questions arise, please contact any of the Cell members and we will do our best to provide a timely answer. 

Huron River Methodist Cumulative Income

Nov report AAG 2022.jpg

November Generosity Update

November monthly gifts and offerings improved slightly to $114,853 with a year-to-date negative net income of $39,742. December is always our most generous month. This year we pray that we will make up our budget deficit and provide our Path Forward Fund, through special gifts, the full $525,000 needed for disaffiliation. Please pray for continued grace and generosity at a miracle level. 


Thank you for your faithfulness as we seek to grow as disciples of Jesus Christ!

Stewardship and Financial Cell Members

Kathryn Andersen
Barry Bourne
William Gordon
Teena Gordon, Financial Secretary
Kati Halsey, Staff Accountant
Jeremy Hannich
Norma Heller, Treasurer
Matt Hook
Dan Hubert
Tim Kuzma
Linda Mahan
John Maynard
Gary Vander Haagen, Chair

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