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Way Forward

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What is the Way Forward?

The Way Forward Initiative is a team of people charged with creating a plan for the members of our congregation to understand the schism within the church, and specifically our worldwide denomination.

A Deeper Look Into the Way Forward

Way Forward is creating a plan for our Administrative Council that will guide our path forward and empower the church to vote on whether to stay within the United Methodist Church or leave to join the newly forming Global Methodist Church.


While the presenting issues are around gender, sexuality, and identity and the treatment of one another, the underlying issues that have led to the schism are basic theological differences and interpretations of Christology (Jesus Christ), Pneumatology (Holy Spirit), Anthropology (humanity), Bibliology (scripture), Soteriology (salvation), Ecclesiology (church), Eschatology (kingdom of God).

The Way Forward Met To:

  • Discover our purpose

  • Create a process

  • Interview 10 different experts

  • Discuss with and listen to one another

  • Evaluate the impacts of the denomination’s pathways on our congregation.

  • Look for common ground

  • Form a Way Forward Plan

The Way Forward Plan Involves Several Steps:

  1. Congregational education to happen in small groups with discussion and presentation.

  2. A Good Samaritan Training Process in how to treat one another, how to be more welcoming, and how to respect and listen to one another.

  3. Heed the Protocol for Reconciliation and Grace adopted or not by the General Conference.

  4. Hold a congregational vote to determine which governing body best reflects the truth and grace God has given our congregation.

  5. Continue loving God, loving people, and serving the world, for Jesus Christ.

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