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December 4

Day 8

Listen to the Song: O Sing a Song of Bethlehem

We live in a world where news comes at us from every direction. Since the advent of 24 hour news stations we are bombarded with information couched as news. But “news” is supposed to be about events/happenings that are not regular or part of everyday – things that are noteworthy. But now everybody’s everyday business is touted as important and news worthy. Amidst the bombardment of modern news scripts, the good news we need for our souls gets muffled, buried and even lost. Yet this song suggests that the news from the angels, announcing the birth of a savior, still fills the world today. My prayer is that you pause today and listen for the news from above, of peace on earth and hope for humanity. Turn down the modern news and listen for the ancient voices that still ring true and speak to those who will listen.

Activity with Kids:

Take a moment with your kids to sit quietly and listen. Let a calm peace roll over you. Perhaps it might help to cuddle in a blanket. While you sit in quiet imagine what it would be like to hear the angels voices.

Move your angel to the next note.

O Sing a Song of Bethlehem Text: Louis F. Benson Music: English melody; arr. by Ralph Vaughan Williams

1. O sing a song of Bethlehem, of shepherds watching there, and of the news that came to them from angels in the air. The light that shone on Bethlehem fills all the world today; of Jesus' birth and peace on earth the angels sing alway. 2. O sing a song of Nazareth, of sunny days of joy; O sing of fragrant flowers' breath, and of the sinless Boy. For now the flowers of Nazareth in every heart may grow; now spreads the fame of his dear name on all the winds that blow. 3. O sing a song of Galilee, of lake and woods and hill, of him who walked upon the sea and bade the waves be still. For though like waves on Galilee, dark seas of trouble roll, when faith has heard the Master's work, falls peace upon the soul. 4. O sing a song of Calvary, its glory and dismay, of him who hung upon the tree, and took our sins away. For he who died on Calvary is risen from the grave, and Christ, our Lord, by heaven adored, is mighty now to save.

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