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Give it a Rest

December 1

Day 5

Listen to: "Sing We Now of Christmas"

On this first day of December it probably feels more like Christmas than just a few days ago. You are also feeling the tug of everything that needs to be done. In the second verse of “Sing We Now of Christmas” Angels call to the shepherds to leave their flocks at rest…to find Jesus. If the Angels came to you and your house today, I wonder what they would call you to leave at rest this advent season so you too can find the baby Jesus? Yesterday we talked about leaving something behind. Today think about what needs a season of rest, that you can return to later. Perhaps it might be helpful to put that thing away, out of sight.

Activity with Kids:

With your kids talk about what things (they may be good things) we need to let take a rest for a time so we can thank and talk about Jesus. This is a follow-up from yesterday. Today, choose to put one thing away during Advent, then box it up and get it out of sight. Thank Jesus for time to spend with Him.

Move the Angels ahead one note.

Lyrics for “Sing We Now of Christmas”

1 Sing we now of Christmas, Noel, sing we here! Hear our grateful praises to the babe so dear.

Refrain: Sing we Noel, the King is born, Noel! Sing we now of Christmas, sing we now Noel!

2 Angels called to shepherds, "Leave your flocks at rest, journey forth to Bethlehem, find the lambkin blest." [Refrain]

3 In Bethlehem they found him; Joseph and Mary mild, seated by the manger, watching the holy child. [Refrain]

4 From the eastern country came the kings afar, bearing gifts to Bethlehem guided by a star. [Refrain]

5 Gold and myrrh they took there, gifts of greatest price; there was ne'er a place on earth so like paradise. [Refrain]

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