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40 Days of Lent Family Devotions: Day 25

March 22, 2023

Younger Children and Early Elementary

Day 25

ACTIVITY: Play, follow the leader, go outside if possible and travel over different land types. Our story today is about three men who followed a star, the star was the leader. I wonder where it was going?

READ: The King of all Kings: The story of the three Wise Men, from Matthew 2, p.192-199.

ORNAMENT IDEAS: A big star, three presents for the gifts the Wise Men brought, or a camel to remember the trip.

This ornament reminds us to follow Jesus the King.

Older Elementary

Day 25

READ: p.535b-541, “Birth of a Savior” & “Flight in the Night”.

ACTIVITY: What or who do you follow? The Wise men followed a star – it lead them to Jesus. Are the things you are following lead to Jesus? Write about your thoughts in your journal.

ORNAMENT: A big star. This ornament reminds us to follow Jesus the King.

Scripture Reading: Matthew 2

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