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40 Days of Lent Family Devotions: Day 30

March 28, 2023

Young Children and Early Elementary

Day 30

ACTIVITY: Take a camera and walk outside to take pictures of birds, plants and flowers if any are in bloom yet. Look at the pictures you took. Jesus talked to people about birds and plants in our story for today.

READ: The Singer: The Sermon on the Mount, from Matthew 6, 9 & Luke 12, p.228-235.

ORNAMENT IDEAS: Make some musical notes, or take some sheet music or a CD and hang it on the tree.

This ornament reminds us of the song God put in our hearts that Jesus teaches us to sing.

Older Elementary

Day 30

READ: p.566-570, “Sermon on a Mountain”

ACTIVITY: Take your journal outside and draw some pictures of the objects Jesus talked about in the sermon. Jesus took everyday things to teach people. What did you learn from the stories? Write them in your journal.

ORNAMENT: Choose an object from the stories, pearl, birds, seeds, etc. This ornament reminds us of the objects Jesus uses to teach us about himself.

Scripture Reading: Matthew 6,9 & Luke 12

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