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40 Days of Lent Family Devotions: Day 4

February 25, 2023

Younger Children and Early Elementary

Day 4

READ: The terrible lie: Adam and Eve lose everything, from Genesis 3 p. 28-37.

ACTIVITY: How does this story make you feel? Tell a story or two about a time when you broke something. How did it feel when you broke something? Was it on purpose or accident? Were you able to fix it or not?

God felt very sad about our broken world. What tools do we use to fix broken things? How will God fix our broken world? (Jesus is the fix to our broken world. God will come and be with us.)

ORNAMENT IDEAS: Hang a snake on the tree. Use a plastic toy snake, stuffed snake, picture printed or drawn, or make one out of clay/playdough.

This ornament reminds us of the terrible lie and the broken world.

Older Elementary

Day 4

READ: p. 21-23, “Tempted in the Garden” based on Genesis 3.

ACTIVITY: Make a list of the different ways we might break a relationship, with family, friends, teammates, etc. How does it feel when a relationship gets broken? How do you think God felt about the broken relationship with Adam and Eve? The broken world? How will God fix the brokenness? (By sending Jesus to the world.)

ORNAMENT: Use a snake. This ornament reminds us of the terrible lie and the broken world.

Scripture Reading: Genesis 3

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