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(This is Judy, we love her!)

Showing Christ's Love Every Chance We Get

Huron River Methodist needs volunteers to function, and we think that everyone has a spot here in church. Select an area to serve to learn more about the opportunities available.


Assist a small church near the western boarder called Omega Ministries.

Image by Edward He

Build relationships with exchange students at local universities.

Crop Boyce_edited.jpg

Walk to raise funds to help end world hunger.

feed my starving children.jpg

Provides nutritionally complete meals for starving, malnourished and hungry people around the world.


Provide support for a Haitian missionary.


Red Bird Mission helps improve the living conditions of those living in this part of  Appalachia.

operation christmas child.jpg

Fill a shoe box for children as a way to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ for Christmas. 

Image by Gabriel Tovar

Service over self (SOS) provides repair and leadership to young people in Memphis, TN.

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